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Related article: Date : Tue, July 28, 2009 23 25th 50 -0400 From: nphillydogg aol. com Subject: Closing the Gap Bridges Pt -1 There 5 o'clock clock when cash was in the neighborhood knew that he he used to frequent. I could feel all eyes fall on me, as I pranced around the bar and took the first available space at the bar. " I can help, miss... ?" the waiter asked, looking at my division in the making, as if waiting for will speak for me. "gin and tonic, please. " I said, scanning the room to see if here. that regardless of smiling faces all looked at me like I just announced , free drinks on me. I found him sitting at the other end of the \\ bar \\ n, sit at a table with some of his old drinking buddies. It s still looked good. A little older (but not), a bit heavy, with a touch of gray in his hair jet black normally. He was in uniform, such as I still worked the same job for 10 years. " This drink is a gift from the man sitting at the end of the bar... ! " grinned the waiter for my drink in front of me while running my vision fairly young man with glasses smiling at me. He had a expensive suit and his hair was perfect to go with his wavy perfectly white spur (probably a lawyer). s I smiled politely, and then raised his glass for him. 'm edge painted my lips ruby red and took a sip as the man moved to his down the bar up to me. ' s Hi... "I said with a smile, that perfect smile dental toothpaste commercial. "... My name is Harvey Carmichael. I am a lawyer! And you are... " " does not interest me," I said and took me to drink, when I rose in the bar and line of it. n I wore a tight fitted summer dress, I knew that I hugged my curves body n in the right places. the cut was reduced in the early in my chest, my breasts enhanced sample, as together, such as mashed potatoes Siamese twins. the dress was just above the knee, so take a look at of the Lolita Galleries thigh when too wide open division whI moved Enever. My needle heels made ​​a distinctive sound that makes attention to my way when I weigh my ​​hips very hard to prove the point that I was the baddest bitch ever step foot in this bar. When she laughed one of the stupid jokes of his friends saw his eyes focus on me, when I went to him. Her eyes bored into me as I approached. not like moving in slow motion when I saw your eyes, my all body from head to toe and soak again. I smiled a little, enough to stop him know that I saw is watching me. As I turned the corner ( to the ladies ), I dropped my handkerchief ( old cliché I know, but still very affective ) to the ground. " uh... Miss... ! Ms... " I heard him say, and I kept walking, crouching in the ladies room. was inside the door and listened, as n listen to their friends over laughing and told him I did the league. I heard him say s only for giving me my handkerchief are interested, and I was Oung could be his daughter. I waited a few minutes, pretending to use the ladies' n before departure. When I opened the door, jumped out of the from his seat to introduce myself with my handkerchief. ".. I miss you fall on your way to the ladies... " he continued, so polite. " Oh, thanks, I was looking for! " I lied, I touched her hand and left my ​​handkerchief. "My name is Alexandra... what's yours... ?" I asked. "... uh... Lester ! Lester Wilcox !" He said, strange. " Are you okay... ?" I asked, acting in question, " Did I say something weird... ?" "... oh no, no... It's just... nothing. " Said, blushing. ".. No, I say... !" I flirted and touched his strong arm. "... Well, it's just the name of my wife Alexandra... " he said, as a boy. "woman... ?" I asked, startled. " late wife " was corrected. "She died in childbirth when my child is your name Alex... well, that bears his name," he said, always laughing his friends thought that the leg by mentioninghis dead wife and child out of control. " How old are you... ?" I asked curiously. " 25! " He said, adding... "I'm 45th.. I had when I was 20 ! " " Do you think... ?" I asked, feeling the muscles in his arms as he blushed. " I... uh... I do not know... he ran away from home at age 15 !" That s, he said sadly. "... awww, sorry, dass.. ?" I winced at the sound, sad. "... Now, I I'll buy you a drink! " I volunteered to capture ( and friends) without preparation. "I means... thank you for finding my handkerchief... ! It takes a girl for always finding the right accessories " I said knowingly. "... I'm sure! " Lester smiled, almost gushing. "But it I buy you a drink... the pleasure was all mine... " said Lord as. "... if you do not let me buy you a drink... at least buy me a n... " I asked, flip the script. " Oh, uh..... , dass ! Sure... What do you... ?" he asked, with what their friends s, which surprised eyebrows up when Thomasught I was not looking. I went to his friends in the mirror on the wall and walked him the thumbs up while looking me back to the bar. We relaxed on the counter next to attorney Harvey... "I want lots of gin !" I said with ease. "Okay! A gin and tonic for the lady... " He told the waiter. "and I'll have another beer... " he said. I could see, looking at Harvey Lester down, wondering what was the oldest man that he has ? ' Well... , ME for a start! "-. I thought," So Alexandra... I've never seen before before this bar... You come here often... "He asked me what a little chat. " No, I lived here long ago, but I walked away... Now I'm n only... unable to attend, "I said, stroking my long blond hair of my shoulders to give you a better view of my cleavage. I can see, Lester tries not to look at them and made ​​polite conversation. " family visits... "I asked, with eyes that distract me. " More or less. "I said vaguely became like the drinks. " What will you do for a living , Lester... " " I am a security guard !" He said, looking a little embarrassed, as if as it may not. "... Really? " I asked in a tone excited. "Wo.. ? " " Landon Industries " Lester said that the top of the pop in his last beer. " You are a company of high-tech computer software... I usually see the entrance... Lolita Galleries " "... Wow, sounds great !" I said, took a sip. " What do you do... Alexandra? " Asked Lester. But before he could respond, he s said... "No... wait, let me guess... " I stood there, posing with his hand s on her hip as my eyes open my body up and down, before getting back on my n face. "You're an actress! " He said confidently. I shook my head. "model... " nope. "Singer... ? Dancer... " nope, nope. " Fashion designers... ? showgirl... " "Showgirl... ?" I asked, pretending to be offended. " I did not know that in a bad way... I just wanted to say... " " What do you mean... ?" I asked jokingly. "... I wanted to, with this body... !" she said, her voiceout as the eyes took me almost as if for the first time. I felt so naked in front of him were on the right and then, as if there Lolita Galleries was a point apparel. His eyes fell upon me like a lighthouse, I was in my glory and splendor. I felt like I just turned to the first woman at this moment I would be by the approval of the summit of manhood. "Sorry... I'm ashamed... ?" he asked, trying to read my thoughts. "No... , -. Not at all, Lester, " I said, and took another sip before n my glass one last time. "Lester... " I asked, touching her wide male shoulder. "... You are very far from here... ?" n Pt -2 two glasses of wine sitting virtually untouched Lester Wilcox coffee table, as I lay in his arms to kiss, as if we meet not only for just one hour. Lester wanted to remain first shower, but insisted that s to me to keep me company on the couch, while soft Music. knew what he wanted, andI knew how. Lester came after the back with two glasses of wine, I jumped on it, so my girl manners at the door. Lester was a bit surprised taken from my aggressiveness, but did not complain, as his hand around my waist. Soon we were back on the pillow, his thick wet tongue digging into my mouth. I sucked his tongue, the taste of beer in his breath as his mustache tickled my upper lip. His big hand rested my right breast and squeezed just enough pressure as it reaches n down and felt his hard cock through his pants. Lester cock was rock hard as I thought it was his uniform pants. Fell off her blouse and bra, exposing my right nipple. I watched as he lowered his head and took my tits in his mouth. "... ohh! " I sighed and felt his lips around my sensitive nipples, and that began to nibble and suck like a hungry baby 190 pounds. "Ohh... Lester ! " I moaned as his hand moved between my legs. I felt his fingers pull soin Lace my female parts, like a Lolita Galleries wet finger slowly spit slid into me. "Ohh God... Lester, I want you so much... " I complained, crawl on his hand. ".. Oh, man, you know how much... well, since I saw approached me at the bar.. " she moaned, giving up my boobs, as I \\ \\ n pushed him in the back against the end of the sofa. case to me, Lester threw belt and opened his work pulled his pants until he is 8 and 1 / 2 inch cock. I looked down with love in the strong tower of white masculinity with such a long wait enjoy this wonderful piece of human flesh. I leaned forward, opened my painted mouth as he bent down and took her straight between my lips. " Oooohhh... Alex !" He moaned as I sank my mouth around his penis. Lester felt his hands in my hair, my hair in a ponytail , so you could see, suck my dick. I wrapped my lips around rigid Lolita Galleries tool, tasting of the thick white column with the language before slurping my ​​way to head back. "... Damn, you suck cock so good... " moaned with joy. not seen anything. turned to thick white cock Lester is having deep in the mouth, struck the head of the fat cock in the beginning of my throat. his body relaxed on the cushions, when he decided to return for a long button job, but I had other plans inclined, as I turned my head slightly forward, opened the neck, and then led directly to the bottom of my esophagus per inch inches. " Aahhhh, damn it... ! Where did you learn, dass.. ? " Lester complained, love the feeling of my mouth on his penis as he buried his manhood in my throat n. Lester felt tense body as I buried my face in her pubic hairs, his huge cock deep long balls lodged in the throat. I felt his hands Pull to have in my hair when I shook his cock down the throat of 8 seconds. I sucked his musky crotch, breathing in the scent of his balls before lifting again. I dragged my lips sexy, slick spit his column suckangry with her head before falling down my throat, it in all its length. Lester cried out and threw his head in ecstasy. I my ​​head bobbed up and down rapidly on his pole, loving the taste of its great n sausage meat, and that fills my hungry stomach to the brim. " Stop... " Lester said after a few minutes. I continued to suck, driven in short bursts of pre-cum cock his head. I remembered my tongue over her head and licked the sperm from my throat drops fucking in the queue again. "Stop, Alex... " he asked, not wanting to cum yet. I felt his hands trying to lever the head of the array, but I had tried of his pre -cum, and was determined to get the full load I before. " You will make me cum, if you suck me like forever This... !" He warned deaf ears. sucks and sucks big hard cock, taking it from the top of the base n with every sip of my lips. I chip in his manhood, hunger for cream-colored seeds Carri knewed deep into his bag of balls. I felt a throbbing cock Lester. I arrived at my side, spit milking coated polished shaft of my hand while drinking at the head of n is. "Oh, shit, I 'm running... !" I heard whistles Lester swelled just before the tail the head and the first Lolita Galleries of five jets spurting from his cock cream. 'm the first to run Sprint was in my mouth, my tongue and blowing up gums with the salty taste of sperm. Lester struck out on the couch as its success orgasm. I milked his cock with her hand, sucking the sperm from the tip. I swallowed the first sip, feeling sticky creamy mudslide down my throat and my mouth was quickly filled with more semen. Lester hands relaxed in my head as her orgasm subsided. I felt his cock withered in my hand as I sucked the last drop of sperm. When finished, looked at me and smiled. " You are absolutely amazing... !" I said only pushed back to the other side of the table. He opened my legs and threw me pa flyersnties. I saw him down on my pussy, licking her lips more or less before it fell upon me. "Lester... Ohh !" I gasped, feeling his mouth and his tongue against my clit n. I looked down and saw this beautiful, strong men, manly eat trimmed my pussy and licked my pussy as if he ate the pussy in years. that moving your tongue over the surface, sucking the clitoris, while gently kissed my inner thighs and fingers of my hole nonsense. Ever so often went down and move your fingers in your mouth or squeeze my tits after retiring from my bra. Never felt more like a lady, when I looked down and saw these big, strong man, whom I admired and desired n for many Lolita Galleries years, feasting in my female parts, as if they were made as for him. After 20 minutes to eat pussy, Lester fought his way return to my body, kissing and sucking their way onto my tits and neck until We kissed as full-fledged lovers. I reached down and grabbed him once again an erect cock, sliding the n head up and down my wet pussy slit. Kiss goodbye to her, I spit on the palm trees, and then bent to lubricate my pussy before Lester Hahn article to the hole. "... Should I use a condom?" he asked anxiously. "Do not worry... I can not have children... " I assured him, as he slowly sank in " Ooohhh yes... yes... Dad, have my pussy... " I whispered, sensual. Lester leaned over and buried his cock in me, Earth her ​​hairy mound against my pubis. Got stuck last together, lock and key. Years of anxiety of patients reached this n is a significant moment. I was hoping I could hold. Lester ground his cock into my pussy for a few minutes has allowed me to get used to it (how he got into the habit). Then slowly, but probably began his hips pump, driving his big fat cock in and out of the n me, because my legs around his waist. I heard his breath on my ear with his face on the pillow behind me. I could feel my chest beating, his slight beer belly pressed against my belly as he fucked me in the missionary position. I could not believe how good it felt his cock sliding through me as if there are n belonged. After years of anticipation, it was then. Finally the tail of man I always liked more deeply in me. I could feel the semen emotion in me, when I started to. I locked my legs around his waist, and tighten the muscles n in my vagina, milking his manhood again. " Did you just milk, baby... " he asked, and looked at his face while he was with eyes closed. " Yes.. " he said, embarrassed and ashamed. " Yes, what... ?" he asked, looking me in the face. My mind searched for the right term, I was looking for... " Yes Dad... !" He said with a smile on his face. " I love it when you call me that ! " She said and buried her head in my neck, as continued shit. I bit my lower lip as he slid the key to fat in and out of me. I pussy had begun to dry, and friction began to burn. I've heard, Lester moan as my cunt sucks cock, the pre-cum from the head of the line tail the only way lubricant. I had no idea how long it would Lester take to finish the second time, that at his age and everything. I had a over 20 years. He seemed not to feel the friction, as he continued to hump away from me. Often, he would retire as I licked the palm of the hand to I re- lubrication. He had his cock back the slide and shit again, recording where we left off. my tits bouncing up and down against his chest as he fucked me. I of his hairy chest hair that could pave the delicate sentiment zero the skin, so my rock hard nipples. I stopped at her waist as fuck, sense of power behind every shot, as he impaled me with his staff over n in. He picked up the pace after a time, his deepest shock and approaching faster than the second peak. I could feel his hairy ball out banging against my ass with Evaria within a stroke. After a good 25 minutes fucking his cock finally grew into my vagina, burning cargo thick ropey after loading in my sketchy. " AAAAHHHHHH... shit !" She cried, running hard. I felt his cock jerking inside me as Lester wall around itself to with me that filled my hungry pussy with his seed as necessary. Could Lolita Galleries n almost feel the warm fluid jet male fills me, coating my insides n me sloppy and wet environment. Lester pounced on me, breathing with difficulty, since our body is heated took the time to cool. I stroked my fingers back, lost the ball glue softens me. We stayed like that for several minutes until I heard him snoring softly in my ear. I smiled to myself, knowing that only had convinced him that will give the ultimate gift anyone could a another person. ( Orgasm ). Ten minutes later, I had to use the bathroom. Lester pushed away from me, which made him roll on his side, when I got up off the couch. that pufull of myself to sleep and refused to let me go until I assured him that he was everywhere. I gave him a loving kiss on the forehead and stroked thick head of salt and pepper back to front, then tiptoed my way n to use the bathroom. up the stairs, I saw all the old family photos that had hung n in the wall. Photos of him and his late wife on their wedding dress, he and his son (Alex ) as a small child, and what appeared to be True image of himself (Lester ) years. When I reached the top of the stairs , I noticed the bedroom door ajar just seconds. I went and looked in, sure I could find a closet or cabinet become. I was surprised to when I saw the ceiling light to discover who was the son of Lester s bedroom, fully intact, as if he had never left. entered the room that time forgot, look at the signs of age of Madonna and Janet u0026 Michael Jackson on the wall. Clothing was old and dusty, as if it has changed over the years. in thCabinet s were all old clothes of her son, as if waiting for the day when he would return. But what really caught my attention was the 10 birthday line up on the dresser, numbered, each with an age from the year that was n gone. o tears in my eyes when I read the last letter : "My son, Alex, wherever you are, I hope you're happy and healthy, and live the life you 've always wanted. I sorry for what happened on that last day I saw you. If I could, I take it all back. Wherever you are, I hope you're happy. and I hope you \\ \\ n at least one minute to take this, his 25th birthday, thinking of me his father, always love -. ! Lester xxoo " How do you read a map, a warm feeling of love and gratitude last for me, as it was forced to say aloud, "I love you... Dad!" posted by: \\ \\ n Marvin Eugene aol NPhillydogg. com show me on facebook n updates
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